You always remember your first…….

….blog. All right, I named my blog after a wine from Trader Joe’s (a.k.a my hubby T.J),

considering myself judged

but it’s also in honor of my upcoming adventure to La Rioja, which HELLO is famous for their wine. Read a bottle once in a while. If somehow you’re reading this and didn’t know that, errrr…anyways I’ll be in that region of Spain as an “auxiliar de conversacion” /assistant English teacher for the year. I’m specifically placed in the city (probably village) of Logrono. Never heard of it? Don’t worry, neither has anyone else.

See, it's that speck within the speck of Spain

I started this blog because I had the day off from being a nanny (baller), AND was just alerted via e-mail that my visa is ready to pick up. Funny part is, I’m not ready to pick it up. I still have to apostille something, which is probably as black magic as it sounds. I’ve on and off stressed the whole summer about what will probably end up being a one minute process of someone waving a wand and putting a stamp on a bogus word document I got from the State of IL.

So please, sit tight, snuggle up, it’s pumpkin spice latte season here in the U.S and I’ve got to get my fill of that before I go.

besos a todos


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