Anyplace that we love becomes our world- Oscar Wilde

Yesterday was full of love.

Wedding dress shopping with my sister, aunt, mom, Laina, and Elizabeth.

Walking around Chicago, eating, drinking, laughing, shopping, and more drinking.

I was happily situated on a plush chair. best. shopping. ever

Why am I leaving?


Today was full of love too. I hope of course, that all of the hearts in America go out to those still coping with the loss and tragedy of 9/11.  I know mine does.

Bears won.

Beautiful weather.

A farewell part 1 of an unknown number at my aunts in the city. Yummy food and lots of laughs as usual.

I am leaving all of this because…

Spain, oh yeah! Chicago and Oak Park have been my world for a long time now (with that 5 year interlude of Iowa City), and I’ve had a great summer here being with my friends and family as much as possible.

Oak Park is there somewhere....

I’ll keep the words of Oscar Wilde in mind while I’m in Spain. (see title)

Now the big question is: WHAT AND HOW DO I PACK FOR 8-9 MONTHS?!




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