The belly rules the mind. ~Spanish Proverb

Well, proverb of the Spanish people….how right you are.

With my last 2 weeks (ish: I leave the 24th) in America, I have a few things on the “to do” list.

In no particular order,

  • Say hasta luego to my friends and family
  • pack (awww sh*&#!hhdsohgehoiehioh)

Wow, that was short.  Except that the thing that has really been ruling my mind, IS my belly. So mainly my “to do” list is a list of things “to eat”

So I’m an American going to Spain, AND one from the midwest…..

“Quick get me to a McDonald’s and fry me up some butter! yeeehaaww”

That my fiends is a krispy kreme bacon cheddar burger. VOMITING, but only a little

Stereotypes: sometimes they are real.

Not that I ever even go to McDonald’s or consistently eat fried chicken, but when it came to putting together my ideas for final meals I guess I realized what an inner fatty I am.

There was a lot of talk of pizza (there is a Leona’s groupon on the line here people), so that’s happening.

deep dish mmmmmcheeesemmmm

Dinner tonight kicked off this tour de gastronomy with some sausage and polenta. A hearty meal perfect for the abruptly quick season of Fall that happened today while I went sans jacket.

this is now in my tummy 🙂

Also in the queu: Thai food, Belgian waffles, southwestern stuffed chicken, and greek.

So as the weekend of Emma kicks off Saturday morning with some Hawkeye football, I will be sure to get as many re-fills as possible, load up the ice in my drinks, and make generally poor gastronomic decisions.

Next update will probably concern packing, and the reality of leaving without eating a costco hot dog.

bahahaha, just a joke.



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