Not all who wander get as lost as I do

I´m at school now, awkwardly uploading my personal photos onto a public computer.

But así es la vida.

It´s day two of “work” and i´m invited to a teacher-staff dinner Friday that is somewhere and kind of expensive and I don´t know anybody, but I told them to go ahead and count me in.

In the spirit of George Castanza (Seinfeld fans) I´m doing everything opposite of how I normally would. I´ve been putting myself out there, going on walks alone, asking stupid questions, eating mushrooms, slamming people in the cheek one too many times trying to greet them or say goodbye (“you need to improve so you don´t hurt somebody….” direct quote) and the list goes on.

Not to say I haven´t hidden in my room and taken a siesta every now and then. But that´s more because I got the nastiest bloodiest blisters my feet have known since I did ballet and Irish dancing.

It´s a long story that I don´t need to tell because the moral is: don´t put on a new pair of shoes, no matter how comfortable, with no destination. Or sense of direction. If you know me, you know I need a GPS to navigate Oak Park.

To summarize Logroño so far:  cheap and amazing wine (some has been 80 cents a glass, literally cheaper than water) pretty dope pintxos, or tapas (even the mushrooms!) and beautiful land. (Ebro river, mountains in the distance, generally clean)

This is by the University (or who knows, maybe I was lost)


ahhhh nature- Rio Ebro



I promise to update my frequently now that i´m more settled because I have a lot more to say concerning, for example the drunken bum that has now harrassed me two mornings in a row that he´s never done anything to anyone, so why don´t I stand by him?

I´ll let you know the answer to that next week.

p.s more pictures are on facebook

Un beso





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