Kaixo, let’s rave in the Guggenheim

It’s Halloween weekend, which in Spain isn’t really so much about loving Halloween and dressing up as it is about having another party and more days off. I’m cool with it.

They call it “puente” like a bridge because it’s such a long weekend. (Nov 1 is “dia de todos los santos” so of course that’s a day off, and the next day too….)

Perfect time to make a quick weekend getaway to Bilbao. It’s less than two hours from Logrono on the bus. My kind of travel. The bonus was that the night we planned on arriving an event called “Art after dark” was happening. Check out details here. http://www.guggenheim-bilbao.es/secciones/jovenes/art_after_dark.php

11pm Friday night. Wanna go to the Guggenheim?

aerial view of the party people

I’ve been to a lot of museums (my mom is an art teacher). I’ve even been to the Guggenheim before (2 years ago). But this was EPIC.

After I got my 6 euro drink, I was ready to view some art. First my friend and I raced through Richard Serra’s spirals

you're allowed to race and scream in museums after 10 I guess

Then we went up to view some of the galleries and I fell in love with a particular untitled painting by Georges Mathieu. I was certain because I remembered his name that I would be able to find the painting later. Turns out he has MANY Untitled paintings….http://www.all-art.org/art_20th_century/mathieu1.html

So around 1 a.m when the museum rave ended, the night was just beginning.

We made our way to a club called Fever. The way there was littered with teen drinking in the streets. No pasa nada.

The place was huge and filled with different floors and rooms that all had different styles of music. The main and largest room was bumpin with techno. I danced myself into a sweaty and joyous mess. The metro back to our hostel would start running again at 6:30 a.m so….why bother going home before that? Taxi? pssshhhhh.

a good DJ = you cannot physically stop dancing

So the hostel was basically just storage for my backpack and a place to take a quick nap before starting off a day exploring Bilbao. We saw the Guggenheim in the daylight, the Calatrava bridge, and went up the Funicular to have a view of the city.

The Funicular. A little trolley type of ride straight up.

Hellloooo Bilbao

Then it was time to say goodbye and stop spending $$$$.

But first I had to take this photo in the bus station convenience store.

The northern Spaniards love their meat and mushrooms so much they even shape candies like them....

Halloween is tomorrow and for the first time maybe ever, I have no idea what I’m going to be and I don’t really care. Something will come together and I’ll have a great time. Spain is like that, and I LOVE it.



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  1. ahhh the Guggenheim. What a place for a party and how fun to see more of Bilbao. Spain sounds amazing and I’m loving their style of life. Nice photos Em love ya

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