Milano; more than a posh cookie.

First of all Happy Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for; first and foremost, my family. I’m so thankful for this opportunity that I have to live in Spain and travel. I’m also thankful for this and other such hilarious ecards…

Funny Thanksgiving Ecard: I'm thankful that no one has forced me to completely assimilate to their culture and then celebrated by stealing my land and killing my people.


I’m also thankful that for my birthday last weekend (the big 24) I was able  to go to Milan, Italy. As it turns out, our flight was cheap because it was cold and foggy, but I had an important moment there. It was a moment of clarity, or realization, or something that currently no word can express, and I felt it in every part of my body that I love to travel. You can’t say it any better than “you have to go to know” in my opinion.

The thing is I don’t love the act of traveling; never have and never will; i.e., getting on a bus or a plane and sitting next to a mystery person that could potentially fall asleep on you, smell awful, or god forbid want to speak to you the whole trip. Jet lag sucks, and so does having luggage; especially being lost with luggage (damn madrid metro stairs). But once I throw my suitcase somewhere, and freshen up, AHHH amazing, a new fabulous place to explore.

Some things I noticed about Milan:

1. 85% of the population = top models

2. Pizza and pasta are (the only) food groups

3. Graffiti

4. Because of #2 I don’t understand #1

Now to the iconic images of Milan through my eyes

Cathedral in plaza Duomo

striking a pose in front of the Cathedral

Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Mossimo Dutti, etc.....

Santa Maria de la Grazie - Church of the Last Supper

Courtyard of the church

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the pasticceria (confections/ cake shop) that took my breath away. It’s called Sugar.  The confections are absolutely gorgeous. It was also where I realized that I loved traveling and being in new places and experiencing new things. I had seen this old woman in there the night we arrived just slamming this cake, and not looking up or caring who saw her. She was my new idol. I knew I had to go back and do the same.

This is sort of how I felt

The man who owned the shop spoke some English and he gave us some (free) bottled water, and then free extra pastries (just to top off the rich chocolate tart I was eating). He also asked us to come back the next day, but unfortunately we were leaving. I was about to quit my program in Spain just to live in a bakery….yikes.

Not from my dream bakery, but still cute

Our final full day we also explored Lake Como (made famous by George Clooney).   There was a funicular, like in Bilbao and San Sebastian and I’m sure other places….(funicular =tram/trolley). It’s close to the Swiss Alps, but unfortunately the fog and cold prevented any kind of wonderful views. There was a church at the top that we decided to wander into, and it was beautiful. I forgot to mention that my camera was dead, so these last two photos were taken by a friend.

scurrying past the altar.

Below is our Milan group on lake Como. I give photo credit of this final picture to an amazing photographer Nicole.

I'm the one that looks like a marshmallow

Even though the only shopping I did in the fashion capital was for a warm hat and gloves, I had a fabulous time in Milan. I wish I had known more Italian, but now I’m inspired to learn and go back.

My students call me guapa all the time (sweethearts), but I wouldn’t mind hearing ciao bella all the time either….



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