To have adventures, and to be brave…

Sometimes when I spend a lot of time laying around, avoiding the rain and cold, or human interaction, I wonder if I should feel guilty. I’m in Spain and I have to take advantage of every moment and let the culture soak into my pores like olive oil into my favorite barras de pan.

For me, just being in Spain is half the adventure. I came here not knowing anybody, with no place to live, and with hardly any research on my city, or other cities I’d like to travel to. Something inside of me whispered “don’t worry.” I hardly ever do. I just knew things would fall into place- and they did.

On this rainy day, I’m feeling all mushy and sentimental after having a great conversation on childhood memories with one of my students. So I thought of one of my favorite moments from Peter Pan. It reminds me to never let these dreams of mine that are blossoming inside of me everyday go away into a drawer.

Mrs. Darling: There are many different kinds of bravery. There’s the bravery of thinking of others before one’s self. Now, your father has never brandished a sword nor fired a pistol, thank heavens. But he has made many sacrifices for his family, and put away many dreams.
Michael: Where did he put them?
Mrs. Darling: He put them in a drawer. And sometimes, late at night, we take them out and admire them. But it gets harder and harder to close the drawer… He does. And that is why he is brave.

I hope everyone back home, and in Spain has a wonderful and safe weekend. I’m trying to plan my next brave adventure from the comfort of mi cama.

Which way requires the most bravery?

un beso


One comment

  1. Great quote!

    I feel guilty too not diving into everything at all times, doing the things people at home are jealous of us doing 24/7, but everything at it’s own pace…poquito a poco

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