With Monday and Tuesday off for holidays, life has seemed surreal.  I figured I wouldn’t do much since I had to pay rent PLUS I haven’t been paid yet this month. Spain is veeerrry tranquilo about that kind of stuff. Could also be the crisis (awkward, sorry).

    What time is it? What day? When do I work? ahhhhhh


My school even said that if I was traveling I didn’t have to go in on Wednesday (tomorrow). I’m going to save that suggestion for a time when I need it.

The good thing about Spain is that it’s small, and the transportation system here functions normally. Ahem Greyhound Ahem. So I ended up going on a nice day trip to Burgos (2 hour bus ride) on Monday, and to a Medieval festival in Santo Domingo (1 hour bus ride) today.

For now I’ll share my rainy day in Burgos with pictures.


In front of the cathedral door.

Cathedral: Apparently it costs 5 euros to go in....but I just went in the part that was free. It's nice

There was also a small little Christmas Market happening. I know there are famous Christmas markets in the world i.e. Prague, and Bruges. I’ve never been to those places, and I have no other experience with holiday markets, but the one in Burgos was a bogus clump of 5-10 white tents. The redeeming qualities were the free cookies, shots, and the woman with self heating jacket that said “Milwaukee.” Not too shabby Burgos.

Feliz Navidad, felices fiestas, yummy macaroons

While at the market we asked what we should see next. Of course no one bothered to research the city. It seems simpler to just go and find out. There’s a Castle. So we walked UP a lot of stairs towards that, and we had a nice view of all of Burgos. Unfortunately the castle requires some calling ahead to enter.

The Burgos group, walking up towards the castle

view of the city.

Castle wall

With the disappointment of not seeing the castle and the weather being all gray and misty, we went back down to find some lunch. What’s better on a gray day than some gray meat such as morcilla?! mmmmmNogracias.  It’s Burgos’s “thing”

Defenition: Morcilla (more-see-yah): A sausage made of pig’s blood, rice and spices. It is very popular and a typical pintxo/tapa in Central and Northern Spain.

Burgos is famous/known for Morcilla (blood sausage), queso de oveja (sheep cheese), and sort of for wine. (please, I practically live in a Vineyard, random sales woman telling me Burgos has fab wine).

hopping pintxos street

It's a very pretty city...minus the rain.

I liked walking around Burgos, but there wasn’t much else to do.

Night came, and the lights looked pretty in the trees. The Cathedral was lit up. People seemed jolly. I was ready to go back home.

Cathedral at night

Oh Christmas lights!

high 5! Ciao!

Burgos: great for just a few hours. Much like Santo Domingo’s Medieval fair (coming in the next post.)




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