Santo Domingo

When I think of the word Medieval here’s what comes to mind:

  • Role play (that McLovin kid in the movie Role Models)
  • Not showering
  • Velvet
  • Jousting
  • Religion
  • Some of my favorite Spanish Literature

If my friends suggested going to a Medieval fair around Chicago, I would die laughing. Then if they were serious, I would feel bad…and consider going, with the promise of drinking wine out of the holy grail. But in Spain, on a holiday, por que no?!

This is how I ended up on another day trip outside of Logrono to Santo Domingo. I didn’t really feel well when I woke up, but I didn’t want to just stay at home. I knew it was meant to be when I walked out of my piso feeling gross and a nice old man with 3 teeth pronounced “guapa! muy guapa!” Off to a great start.

When we saw these flags (below) from the bus we knew we made it to the right place. Walking through the busy streets was not anymore frustrating than a typical day walking behind someone in Spain (slow). There were various stands of herbs, leather, utensils, incense, pintxos, wine (duh), scarves, olives, pastries, and birds (yup). Here’s a little taste….

dejar de fumar in Spain? comical

There's always a beautiful cathedral.

A medieval wedding/show

queso de oveja, choizo, mmmm.


sexy chocolates, and other interesting flavors.

frying little pumpkins.

After we watched the “show” and ate some dope sausage stuffed in a roll of bread (mmmm), we saw some little burritos (not from chipotle) taking ninos on rides through the town. It was precious. Then I remembered how my sister and I used to get rejected from those kinds of “rides” because we were too tall, thus probably older/heavier. Meanwhile some short fat kid is merrily bouncing around making the poor animals knees quiver and buckle. It’s okay though. I’ve moved on, and am still living life happily as a tall person.

hola burrito

Once all the stands started looking pretty much the same, it was time to go wait for the bus. There’s no station, so you just kinda wait around where it looks like it might have dropped you off and you just buy the ticket from the bus driver.

I realized once I got home that I had walked through Logrono with a red feather stuck in my ponytail. This was because I requested that my pastry from that afternoon come with a feather like I was a child. I have gotten so used to people looking at me though, so I didn’t realize there might be an actual reason this time. Gotta be careful about that from now on….

un beso


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