Worth the sweat

I got my official residence card yesterday (TIE).

I walked into the office and they pointed me in the direction of an open room, I handed my passport and N.I.E to an old man, and he handed me a bent piece of plastic with my picture and sweaty thumbprint on it that had been sitting in a cardboard box for an unknown amount of time.  The process to get to that point leaked my body of sweat and tears. Actually, I have an endless supply of sweat in my palms/fingers according to the FBI, but look at me now suckers.

semi glass eye look happening

That photo actually turned out pretty well considering I took it laying down in a photo booth since I couldn’t figure out how to roll the chair down so that the picture wasn’t of  only my neck/chest area. It turned out to be the wrong size photo anyways, but luckily the man working that day was friendly- less stressful than being at the DMV for sure.


Well, looks like it’s siesta time. Must cure this lil cold I seem to have gotten. I blame the rain in Burgos.



Also, feel free to take this cool poll I figured out how to make. I will seriously take comments and results into consideration.



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