Florals for spring; groundbreaking.

anyone that makes eating ice cream look like a trend :idol

Rebajas (major sales) have been happening in Spain, and around Europe since the beginning of January (They started the 6th in Logrono). It’s DANGEROUS, even for non-shoppers such as myself, as I can normally be found kickin it on a couch with all the dad’s, and brothers.

“I base my fashion sense on what doesn’t itch.” 


In the U.S sales happen every so often, but they aren’t on such a grand scale. Here, every store has sales, and up to 70% off on some nice items. …

Unfortunately, the things I usually like are not on sale. The rebajas are also the same time that the new collections (for spring) appear in stores; so imagine my attraction to all the cute new floral dresses, and colorful blazers. swoon.

I did just buy some funky stuff today for Carnivale, which is also coming up in 2 weekends- dressing up in a disfraz (costume) is a bigger deal than at Halloween. I will keep mine a secret for now.

All the fashion around me has inspired me to take more care in what I wear each day and it’s actually really fun. I’ve yet to see someone in the grocery store wearing sweats…besides maybe a Spanish version of a bro.

Thus, I came across these earrings on a fashion blog and they just remind me of Spain, and where i’m at with all the good cuisine involving peppers, garlic, olive oil, etc. They happen to be Dolce and Gabanna,with a D & G price tag. Not much rebajas can do about that….

If anyone comes across $455, or a good enough reason to spend that on these....let a girl know.

Happy weekend, and go GIANTS!

un beso


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