Muy bien

You probably know what muy bien means if

a. You have ever taken Spanish

b. Live in a Spanish speaking country

c. Live in an area with Spanish speaking people

d. You are alive.

It makes me feel cozy inside when I speak Spanish and someone says “muy bien Emma”  like i’m a small child.

I also like it when I properly smack my bus pass on the bus and the (usually hot) bus driver says muy bien. mmhhhmmm.

Here are some things that have been muy bien lately:

My piso (apartment) now full of awesome Spanish speakers, and a cleaning schedule.

My Spanish, poco a poco, according to some people is getting better. It still depends on the situation and the person that I’m talking to though.

The fact that I have expanded my cooking beyond making pasta, and have opened my kitchen to allow others to cook for me sometimes (poco a poco).

The sandwich that I ate today. Completo Iberico (Iberian ham, tomato, green pepper, cheese, and booom, amazing) from Manduca Jamonero (Plaza 1 de Mayo, 5) in Logrono. On Mondays, I have an hour and a half between school ending and a private lesson starting. It’s not enough time to go all the way home, so I have been taking the opportunity to picar my way around the Plaza de Mayo area.  The first time I went I ordered a salad like a big loser. Then I was like, Oh yeah, I’m in Spain. HAM. Iberian ham. nom nom nom.

The sandwich I had did not come on a piece of log such as this, but the ham was a lot prettier. Also for those who know me, the green pepper on it was delicious as well. Food risks are the best kind. So far.


Also muy bien was Carnivale! It marks the time before Lent, and it originated in Venice, and is most famous in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The carnival in Logrono was enough for me since it was like having a second Halloween. Everyone usually dresses up in groups, or with a group theme. Poor planning/ not realizing this I ended up as a hippie. Peace and love. It was easier because I didn’t want to buy a costume, but rather something awesome and funky that I could wear again in the future.

And, le photos….


Parade in Logrono- "Emoticons"

More parade- Pirate ship.

Some amigos in costume.

Me and a sailor/ a roommate


I wish I had taken a few more photos, but seeing as Logrono is not famed for its carnival, I think it’s okay. Maybe next year I’ll make it to Cadiz or the Canary Islands. OR maybe I’ll keep saving my money so that I can treat myself to as many giant ham bocadillos as I can handle since word on the street is that deliciousness does not/ cannot leave the country.


Un beso



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