Life as it should be

On Thursday I will embark on my Semana Santa adventure. It is my spring break, and although I can travel almost all the time on small day or weekend trips to Bilbao for example, I’m ready to get out of my daily routine and clear my head for a week and just indulge in some pizza pasta and fashion.

I was reminded recently that while everyone back home thinks that living in Spain is awesome all the time there are still the same daily heart aches and pit falls happening that would happen to me back home. Sometimes I like to just lay in bed and watch an episode of Stephen Colbert, and sometimes I just want to speak English because my brain hurts from reading Lolita in Spanish. But other times i’m glad I have the great friends that I have here that get me out to see beautiful things.

Olite day trip…

Castle in Olite

Castle in Olite, with model Nicole

Church in Olite


Bilbao day trip…

With my roomie in Bilbao

friends in Bilbao

By the bridge in Getxo

Beach in Getxo


So now when I sit here in my bed, or on my chair and worry about the near and distant future I try to think about the beautiful weekend I had, and the laughs I had over small things.

These next three days will be a whirlwind of trip preparation and excitement and I plan on enjoying every moment of it for myself.

un beso


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