Barcelona: Ga-ga for Gaudi

If you have ever kept a diary or a journal, you know that it’s really awesome at first and you have so many things to say to your new clean slate, blank page friend. It’s almost like a dog because it while it may silently judge you, it loves you anyways.

….And then you get busy, and two months later you write an entry about how busy you’ve been. Months after that you look at it and you’re like, what a piece of crap, this is no Eat, Pray, Love!?

Then maybe you tear out the page where it talks about your crush or one crazy weekend and throw it on a shelf, where in 5-10 years it will really be hilarious. Trust me.

A blog is much different (in my opinion).

I have some mushy days, and funny days, but mainly I want to represent all the good food and travel that i’m experiencing. I know i’ll miss it this summer, but I’ll be back in La Rioja for another school year!

Semana Santa kicked off April 5th for me and I started with some friends in Barcelona. I had been once before in 2009 for a weekend and I went on a wild nearly get hit by cars, drink sangria and get back on your bike, bike tour. It was perfect because with only one full day I saw all the major sites (for about 5 minutes each). I was excited to go back and see it again with maybe a new perspective, and hopefully less rubia and naive?

Me with the holy family: Sagrada Familia

Me and my girls at Parque Guell

my ship

smooch! Dali museum

que religiosa

Holy procession



I love a good market. They are photogenic.

A boquet of jamon sandwiches! or chorizo!

I have so many more pictures of people’s apartments you’d think I was a real estate agent, but I also didn’t take as many photos since it was the second time around for me. The market for me was a high light because I love food.

Also being in a big city reminded me of how many styles of food there are…like food that is actually spicy- something I really miss from time to time.

This is only a preview of what Semana Santa really had to offer, because we landed in Barcelona mainly so we could fly to Italy. It all started with Il Papa in Roma.

un beso

p.s, Il Papa is not a nickname for a rapper, it’s The Pope.




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