Florencia. What-uhh? Pisa. Yes-uh.

Before my Italian adventure began a lot of people gushed about how fabulous Florence was. I didn’t have an image in my head because I did the least trip planning ever. Zero minutes of looking up what there is to see and do in Florence. In the end I discovered that it is in fact a fabulous city, world famous for….

1.Its renaissance style architecture

2. Boticelli’s “Venus” in the Uffizi

3. David

4. A lot of income, and fashion to spend it on.

and much more.


The original babe.

It rained so much during our one full day in the city that my feet later remained the brownish blackish hue from my shoes mixed with my tights for about two more days.

Day 1: Florence below us in the background.

Me pre-rain in front of il Duomo Cathedral.

I loved peeking down certain narrow streets and seeing vespas of all colors and styles, covered in an extra layer of rain drops.

sleek, slick, chic

This day was a waste of an outfit if you know what I mean. I was hoping to walk past a store like Armani and not look like I had slept under a bridge.

A traditional soup while the storm “passed”

But, all we could do was step inside a cafe for a bit and get some lunch before deciding that we might as well go to Pisa and see if it wasn’t raining as hard there.

In Pisa heading towards….

Who doesn’t take this picture in Pisa? Hipsters, probably.

I don’t know why this other awesome building next to the leaning tower gets no attention.


Even though the skies look sort of ominous in my photos, it wasn’t really raining in Pisa, so our non-planned plan worked out perfectly. Most people think that all Pisa has is a tower.Children think it is a slice of pizza.  My conclusion is that it’s a cute city with other architectural and gastronomical surprises. I doubt you would need more than one day there, but there is in fact more than a tower that the soil has failed.

that cozy dessert feeling

Keith and a ray of sunlight!

We finished the day returning to and walking around Florence more, and made plans to go see the Uffizi bright and early the next day.

If you book tickets to the Uffizi museum beforehand it’s more expensive (16 euros I think instead of 11), which seems opposite of what should happen, but it saves you an hour or more of waiting in line. Being cheap and foolish, we waited, but we had to rush. I’d recommend giving yourself at least two hours inside to soak it all up.

Terrace area of the Uffizi

My final recommendation as far as food goes is to try out a sandwich or some french fries from any small vendor or kiosk that you see. They are well known for their “tripa” which is Spanish for intestines…and I forgot the name in Italian, but if you walk up to the stand ask them for a recommendation, they will tell you that sandwich because it’s really common and popular.

I tried it. That’s all I have to say.

We wolfed our sandwiches down on our way to the final train ride of the trip to Venice.

un beso

p.s- If you see this, eat it.



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