Dead ends and bogus umbrellas- Venice

Masks and costume shops everywhere.

From Florence, we kept heading north on our journey to Venice, for more camping and more rain. The afternoon we arrived stayed dry for us luckily, so we did a fair amount of walking and squinting over seriously THE WORST map I have ever known. Venice is tricky to navigate as it is because it’s windy, narrow, and street signs are scarce; and on top of that, the map we paid $2.50 for was written by an ant.

The new Calatrava bridge entering into the city

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any of the restaurants that we heard about because of our lack of time and direction. However, we did manage to find some beautiful sights and interesting artsy shops along the way.

a cool studio/ store

Murano glass mini museum

The Murano glass museum was our main “museum-y thing” that we did in Venice. By this point we were seriously strapped for cash and anything that was free was worth going to. For students, this little adorable glass museum was for sure less than 5 euros. We also saw a Vivaldi violin exhibit that was free and of course to enter into St. Mark’s cathedral is free.

Saint Mark’s Cathedral and piazza

Bought this bad boy for 3 euros in Florence- what a steal!


Where the streets are water (and have no names….)

Don’t bother with a gondola, just take this 2 minute 50 cent “taxi”

Our initial group dream before even touching down in Italy was to go on a gondola ride in Venice. Then we found out they were 80 euros. However, even hearing that didn’t stop us from dreaming about it and still semi-planning on it. We figured we could find some other cheap traveling “friends” and split the cost. By day 10 of vacation though….the answer was NO for all of us. It’s ridiculous anyways, especially when there are so many boats and water taxis and gondola “taxis” that are so much cheaper! We found out about a certain point where you can cross the water on a gondola for 50 cents because it’s one of the few areas with no convenient bridge. The woman at the tourism office stressed that it was not cool and only 30 seconds long. It was the best whole minute of being on a rainy boat ride that I’ve ever experienced.

Our final night was spent staying in our “tent” listening to kidz bop and eating trail mix and cookies. If that isn’t the perfect end to a romantic Italian adventure, then what is?


Time since vacation has been sailing and school has continued to have it’s fantastic and crazy moments. More on that next time.

un beso



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