A Spanish wedding

I got married! I just really wanted to make the process of getting into Spain easier, so I went all Kim and Britney and had a quick ceremony.

ja ja ja je je je. Totally kidding.

However,I was lucky enough to attend a wedding a few weekends back on cinco de Mayo. It’s probably one of the only one’s in my recent memories where there wasn’t talk of tequila, pinatas, tacos, and mustaches.

It was here in Logrono at Iglesia San Bartolome. It isn’t the biggest, or the most ornate, but one of the most beautiful in my opinion.

It was an afternoon wedding, which at first American me thought meant 2p.m and then I was like “Oh, I’m in Spain!” so it was really at 6p.m.

Luckily, I’m a genius and I brought an emergency “fancy event” dress because I plan things like that, and not things like more sweaters or walking shoes. But that makes it sound like I didn’t shop around for an entire week because I thought I could find an even cooler Spanish dress. The summary of that is: No. But I thank my patient date for trying to help me for an entire day of dress shopping anyways 🙂

I would just like to now make a shout out to Anthropolgie, where I bought this dress hours before my cousins wedding back home about three years ago. It has served me well.

I had to get a professional du, since i’m semi hopeless with my own hair. Curls.

Me and my guapo date

Felicidades! Throwing rice, flower petals, and popping out confetti

The ceremony was about two hours long with various moments of standing and then sitting again that I didn’t fully comprehend. I recognized some prayers but not enough to say them. I was mainly scoping out the other outfits and there was quite a range. Those closest to the bride went floor length, full out. Some people had feathers, and hats, but most importantly I felt appropriately dressed for not knowing anyone. Phew!

After the church part, all the guests headed into town to grab a drink or two before it was time to go to the dinner in Villamediana (a village about 10 minutes away). I of course ate a small lunch because I heard that there would be a lot of food, but I really should have not eaten anything for two days in order to prepare.

appetizer hour

The “cocktail” hour started about 9. Being in La Rioja, there was delicious red and white wine available as well as champagne. The appetizers/pintxos did not stop coming and I couldn’t say no to any of them. I was too busy eating and chatting to get any pictures besides this blurry spoon full of cod and peppers. mmmm.

mmm a spoon full of goodness

We all proceeded into the dining area that was the perfect size for more people watching, and talking.

Table 15

Who needs decorations, when the ceiling is like that?!

I liked that they didn’t bother a lot with themes, or decorations, or name cards (I mean, you get a table assignment and hopefully you sit by your date right?). They spent money in all the right places: Food, and drinks. If your guests can’t have fun with that, then you need new friends.

First plate, “salad”: Ensalada de perdiz, con jamon de pato

Second plate, fish: Merluza

Third “plate/thing”:Sorbete de Mojito- INCREDIBLE

Fourth plate, meat: Solomillo con foi, bacon, setas y patatas.

Dessert: Coulant de chocolate, helado de vainilla, arroz con leche.

Finally, coffee, tea, licor, chupitos….

During the coffee, tea, drink portion the bride and groom all walked around and delivered little presents to each guest- even me! All the men got a small shoe shining kind of kit and all the ladies got a mini watering can to plant forget-me-nots. Awwww. It was really sweet how they personally came by to talk to everyone (seriously, even me…). So Spanish.

We finished eating around…1a.m, which isn’t that weird for Spain, but I could barely move or breathe and it was time to dance!

As if….

The only thing I didn’t go wild over was the Deejay. At first I was happy that he played a lot of Spanish music because it was fun to see all the people dancing, young and old. But then I needed a little more beat to keep me going and the party faded pretty fast.

I had a great time and I hope the people of Spain keep getting married and keep inviting me.

When I told one of my teachers at school that I went to a wedding he said “Wow, you are really immersing into the culture!”

Yes, because previously you thought I had no friends, so it would seem like a big change. I said that last part only in my head.

Until next time when I share my travels to Paris!

un beso



  1. I’ve been to oodles of Spanish weddings by now (my boyfriend’s friends are all at the ripe old age of 32, dem be wedding years!), and I love how insane they all get over the food!!!! So happy you were able to experience that.

  2. What a lovely time, the food is beautiful and the inside of the church is so perfectly understated. Gorgeous.

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