Month: June 2012

La luna va y viene

I’m sitting in my adolescent bedroom in Oak Park. I am wondering why I brought home any clothes from Spain- I have so many here. But Spain clothes are cooler. Even if most are from Zara.

I arrived back in Chicago on Thursday afternoon. The flight was painless and I sat next to a nice Spanish chica so I got in my final Spanish speaking for a while.

Settling back into Oak Park I remembered how quiet it is. It makes me miss Spain.

I miss the noise out of my apartment window. I miss all the people talking and yelling and shouting for no reason.

Since i’m already looking forward to going back in October, i’ll tell you my top 5 things I miss from Spain.

1. Tranquilo: I never felt super stressed in Spain. Even my busiest longest days couldn’t compare to busy long days I had in the U.S.

2. Pintxos: What am I going to do when I’m out and I just want one bite of something? steal from someone else? I guess.

3. Walking: Today the most walking I did was through a parking lot. yuck. I never liked driving anyways.

4. Talking: I was just getting a good flow with my Spanish and now nada.

5. People: I love everyone that I met in Spain and even though some are now in the U.S as well, we are spread out. They’re really some of the best people on Earth.


My biggest hope for this summer is to enjoy Chicago and seeing my family and friends. I’m sure once I see them I’ll forget missing Spain and have a blast. Time flies.

Here is a song I grew attached to in my last weeks in Spain. The video is super random, but I like it.  

The moon comes and goes, the sun rises and sets, and I will be back to travelling in no time.

un beso