40 is the new black

40 is actually the new countdown number. You’ve probably heard of 50, 20, and the ever popular 10, but 40 has something to it. So does 37.

In 40 days I’ll go back to Logrono, and help the youth of Spain learn eeeeengleeesh! wahooo.

In 37 days my sister will be getting married to a great guy.

In 30 days I have a dentist appointment. ha ha who cares?

I  abandoned this thing for the summer  just like all other previous journals and diaries because I wasn’t in Spain and I thought i’d be way less interesting. Then I got an email that someone had left me a comment and I realized that just because I don’t look at my blog, it’s still always on the internet. So why does 40 matter? Because it was on September 6th of last year that I started this baby up. Of course then, Spain was much closer and held a lot more of the unknown.

After my initial summer blues of being home with no known job, and living with my parents again, I immediately became extremely ill. I seriously lost a whole week and a half of my life so I won’t even tell you about it.

I would however like to gloat that through this difficult moment I went on an interview and got a job, but that ended about 3 weeks ago…

Now I have taken to cleaning out my room, finding shot glasses in doc martins and beer cans among stuffed animals, a notebook called “Campbell news” proclaiming my mom as a chip and pop nazi, and this….

Back in my day we had tapes

Just endless things that I haven’t looked at since I left for College. I give my sister credit for some of these precious memories too. Once we looked at them and laughed, off to the garbage they went. I still held on to plenty of dorky memories, because in five more years I’ll need to check again that they still matter to me.

I have to go on my couch to 5k run before it gets too hot out, but I’ve had a great summer and am again thrilled that it will soon be the season of sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and LOVE! I even planned an entire OPI fall wedding collection of colors in my head.

For example: I love you a latte, A cornucopia of love, Orange you glad we’re married, something with red and apples, and something about the blue sky too. I seriously think if this whole teaching thing doesn’t work out my dream job would be in creating and naming nail polish colors. When I was younger I wanted to live in a trailer, so sometimes it’s okay if not all dreams come true.


Next exciting thing will be the shower! Oh la la






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