Month: October 2012

My kind of town


I initially loathed coming back to the land of driving everywhere, working all the time, 15 minute lunches, and not being able to drink wine for 80 centimos at noon.  But now that I’ve been back home for so long, I’m totally adjusted and I love it.


How convenient then, that tomorrow I go back to the land of ham, wine, olive oil, churches, smoking, old people, babies, and less (good) ethnic cuisine. (I do not count kebab.)

After travelling around Europe a bit, I realized that I live in a pretty great city myself and I don’t know it well enough. I had my partner in crime with me to make a most awesome educational video about Chicago and it gave us a chance to do things like bumble into the Harold Washington library, take a water taxi, drink wine in millennium park, and talk to other foreigners and natives about their thoughts on the city that has grown up with me into a mature yuppie blossom.

My fellow Chicago/Logrono love on the Chicago River.

I also had the wedding of a lifetime to look forward to. My older sister and the love of her life tied the knot on 10/13/12. It was a watery day for the windy city in both tears and rain but I have never had a more thrilling night of my life. And I’ve run along the side of a highway in Rome.

Then an extra special surprise came imported from Brazil…but really Logrono. Diego!

His kind of town too

The worry that the week would be hectic with the wedding evolved into a bubble of excitement and cleaning. It also gave me yet another chance to be a tourist in Chicago and to look at it through a different lens.

Day 1 of the whirlwind tour

We had to start out in cozy Oak Park, my true residence. We visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio and looked at all the great houses around the neighborhood.

Then it was all about downtown. We had a bulls game planned for one night, a pumpkin carving friend meeting dork party another, various museums to see, a handful of skyscrapers to climb, and a few pieces of pizza to add to our waist lines.

It was the perfect week leading up to what is so far the happiest and best looking day of my family’s life. It really only took us 24 years to have a nice picture together (coming soon.)

So after all of this, I’m now supposed to be excited about Spain? I know that deep down I am….but the excitement is not here with me. The excitement will be waiting for me when I land in Madrid.

And now the final photos that captured these final days of my sad, sick, happy, long, short, wet, hot, cold american summer.


Sears tower skydeck

4th row! thanks dad




Wedding day!


To all my 4-10 followers you can look forward to a wedding post and a “I’m baaaaaaaaaack post”

un beso