Valladolid and looking ahead

When you are in close quarters with someone for the first time and/or for a long time you learn interesting things about them. For example: maybe you wouldn’t have pegged them as a person who likes trashy TV shows, or puts mayonnaise on salad, or never puts the seat down on the toilet knowing that a girl  also uses the bathroom.

You also learn things about yourself that you never knew. Perhaps that you say things without tact, no memory to buy toilet paper, or take out the garbage. And from the ping pong match I watched the other night; I have no ability to have a real solid debate in Spanish. I’m still much smarter in English.

But then you go out into the world each day and the world tells you that you are fine in the imperfect way that you are. Your friends and co-workers and students see the good in you and want to tell you all sorts of crazy things because they know you will listen. I now know that despite my opinion (and mostly facts) Spain is more expensive than Chicago. I also know that one of my students has such a love for Captain Crunch that It was necessary for me to know about it after class for many minutes. The most important affirmation I have made from getting to know all my new students at the high school, the academy, and private lessons is that I do well with younger children, and older high school students and not so much in between that. I think that’s why last year I felt so unsuccessful working with 3-6th grade. They smell like recess and I don’t know what they are talking about ever.

How I feel at moments with private lessons

With my semi recent arrival in Spain I had no plans on travelling until perhaps my birthday next week. (yeesh). Last year I went to Milan, the city where I had a sugar coma, fashion coma, and graffiti coma all at once. I’m not going to top that, so I’m not going to try.

I did take a trip sooner than expected though because we had a “puente” long weekend for All saints day November 1. The last minute planning kept me within Spain, and to two cities I had been thinking about visiting for a few years, but only in the very back of my mind.  Not only until the end of both trips did I remember why I would have wanted to visit them. First: Valladolid. From Logrono it’s a quick train ride away. If I could travel everywhere by train, I would.

Valladolid, world spinning fountain.

A nice plaza Mayor.

Takes my breath away.

One of the best pintxos of MY LIFE. At La Tasquita.

At vino joven. True artwork.


Some foi, at El peso. Off Plaza Mayor.

View from hotel window, La Catedral (fitting name)

My life would not be what it is without this man.

Wept inside that his house/museum was not open when I went. Next time.

Christopher Columbus, Cristobol Colon. Thanks and no thanks at the same time….

C. Columbus Casa!

Even though we had some rainy moments, I loved Valladolid. Something I like to do when I travel is imagine myself living in the different cities I visit. I pick out imaginary apartments, think of myself at different cafes, taking walks, sitting in the park, people watching, and so on.I saw myself a little bit in Valladolid. At least as an old lady draped in a mink coat walking with my really cute old husband.

Every meal we had was delicious and luckily we walked a lot or I would have returned to Logrono with a little extra cushion bursting out of my jeans. Of course, there was still Salamanca in front of us. Really one of the best things about vacations is that the hardest decision you have to make is what you’ll eat. So until next time…..because I’m currently trying to edit a video with my fellow Chicagoan about Chicago. It’s one of the dorkiest things I’ve ever done but I think we’ll be very proud once we figure out how to use iMovie. Oh technology.




  1. Aw, Vdoid! I studied there nearly eight years ago, and that experience promoted me to move back to Spain after school. It´s not the most obvious choice for where to study, but it’s special in its own way!

    Are you traveling during the puente next month? I’m finally getting up to La rioja, in acse you’re around!

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