Never boring

Do I belong in Spain, Chicago, eating on a rock, in Iceland, Sweden, Costa Rica?

Do I belong in Spain, Chicago, eating on a rock, a chocolate factory, Sweden, Costa Rica??

This year in Logrono has been a lot different for me for many reasons.

1. It’s my second year so I’m not that same fresh faced, eager dorky adventurer.

2. I’m at a high school now, and I actually get to teach instead of read horrible stories in a semi-British accent.

3. I’m 99% sure that I won’t be doing a 3rd year here.


That third reason freaks me out. I love Spain, and teaching, but I don’t feel so certain that Logrono is for me forever. It’s too small and I’m too big figuratively and literally….people still ask me if I’m on a basketball team every once in a while. I thought maybe if I had a special someone here that would convince me to stay a little longer, but I’m an independent woman and I have to think about my future more seriously.

All I know for certain is that I like teaching, writing, and eating.  I also find it difficult to imagine myself so far from the people who love and understand me the most in this whole world, and have given me the world by letting me travel.

If I’m a teacher back home I won’t be able to pull off showing up at the time that school starts, but that will be easier considering the sun rises at a much earlier time making it seem like it’s the day when it is.

This is at 8:20 in the difficult to wake up.

This is at 8:20 in the morning on my walk to school which starts at 830….so difficult to wake up.

I’m slowly composing those essays that ask you to explain what an outstanding teacher is, and how do I teach to a range of abilities, and why the F do I want to teach anyways.

I’m reminded each day both why, and perhaps why not. I had a class that had such a successful debate I don’t think they noticed when I just went back to my desk and stared at them all talking from a distance with my mouth wide open semi smiling.

Then I had some other jerk shoo me away when I asked if he had a question. As if I was a fly.

I have one class who thinks i’m in insane in a good way, and another in a bad way.

I have kids that look at me like I just crawled out of a pile of dead rats, and others who look at me like I’m a celebrity.

I have kids that look like they are 11 years old, and 27 years old sitting next to each other.

I teach because it’s never boring.

This summer I asked my mom why she married my dad, and she said because she knew she’d never be bored.

I hope I can find a love like that in my life, and a person who thinks i’m the juiciest peach even when I’m rotten.

iphone pics nov-dec 074


un beso



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