My birth stone is topaz. Even the name is just….uhhggg topaaazzzz like the name of a person with frizzy hair, overly plain, maybe hasn’t showered, and you just don’t want to be near them or their personality.

I’m sorry topaz, but I wish I was a pearl. Pearl brings to mind all things lovely, light, good, pure, wholesome. When I got my ears pierced for the first time the studs I chose were pearl (not real of course because I was at Claire’s, and the lady told me I had fat lobes….ummm I’m 11 and you’re making me want to cry?!).  It is a jewel I have always loved, but never owned for real. It’s also something you can’t wear all the time unless you are a really important person or a Jackie O type.

pearl necklace

I'm sure that's just how it was found.

I’m sure that’s just how it was found.

Mallorca is a place I knew hardly anything about except that they have pearls. When my friend said she was going and I found a flight that was cheaper than going to Starbuck’s twice, did I hesitate to ask off of work? PEARLS.

The reason for the trip was to visit my friends study abroad host family and celebrate San Sebastian by grilling on the street, going to concerts, wearing red and devil horns, and according to my pictures drink expensive coffees with heart shaped foam.

The first one, next to a nice fire pit. Coat off in January, check.

The first one, next to a nice fire pit. Coat off in January, check.

My little special heart

My little special heart

It just never stopped. And I love the collage table.

It just never stopped. And I love the collage table.

There were some pros and cons to going to an Island in January with the biggest pro being less tourists- hardly any. The biggest con was probably that it rained for most of Saturday. Luckily it stopped at night because we promised the sky we would take a shot if it just let us have a peaceful non rainy torrada.

Results of a grill expert.

Results of a grill expert.



Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas

Sometimes the crisis can really quitar the fun out of everything though because we learned right away that one of the highlights of the whole fiesta was being taken out- fireworks. I love a good fireworks show. Just the pretty ones, not the loud ones. Those can go away. In the end I didn’t know what I was missing so everything was still awesome, including my personal favorite moment in the video below.



So far there is no evidence of me attempting to dance like that, but it is sure to leak soon. I wish that the U.S had cooler traditional dances, or cooler traditions in general. All the traditions I have come from my other background cultures from different countries….non are strictly U.S.A. meh.

IMG_2374 IMG_2378 IMG_2371 IMG_2416 IMG_2415

Let's play what will my future rich husband buy me.

Let’s play what will my future rich husband buy me.

The cool rainy weather didn’t slow us down too much, although we had some pretty killer siestas. Those usually go hand in hand with vacation though since during the work week it’s just not possible. It also gave us time to do things like make up a rap about our trip that mentioned each thing we did.

We achieved all that we wanted to do on the trip and on the last day the final moment to check off was seeing the inside of the Cathedral. We had attempted twice already and found it closed, so our last shot was to attend the Sunday night mass and cleanse away all of the sins we may have committed. We snuck in halfway through and it was a lovely experience and worth it to sneak the pictures below.

IMG_2388 IMG_2444 IMG_2448 IMG_2451


Now I’m curious about Palma in the warmer months to come. There are a ton of beaches, and some dope discotecas that are not open off season. Although for me I like the beach more in theory than reality. Sand is just terrible.

Carnavale is coming soon and last year I stayed in Logrono and dressed as a hippy. This year I might skip the party aspect and just use the long weekend to go somewhere cool. My time is truly slipping away. Can’t let that happen.

Un beso



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  1. Looks like fun Emma. So glad you are getting to partake in all these great excursions. Topaz isn’t so bad, it’s comes in many beautiful colors, not like it’s slutty sister Amber, you know, Amber the pole dancer. Hope you will get some pearls and some Topaz from your future rich husband! Adios.

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