Kolacky in McDonalds: Prague

“Hey, which way is the International Hotel?”

“I’m not sure, sorry.”

“Then can you tell me where the river is?”

“I’m actually not from here. But, I think it’s that way…..”

I had stepped away from my walking tour group for one moment to peel an orange in a garbage can, with my gloves on because it was cold, and my true Czech blood shined in the frosty sunlight. glint glint. Maybe such a strange thing would only be done by a true confident resident of Prague.

I blame/ thank Hostel Orange- free oranges. Cha-Ching!

It was nice to blend in with all the tall (normal sized really) people.

I’m always honored when a Spanish person asks me a question, or makes a low grumbled comment to me as if I totally understand. I grumble back si si si si. But they often realize their “error” within a split second and say ahhhh no eres de aqui as they crane their necks to look up at me.

Nope, so now I guess I’m completely incapable of helping you. Lucky me, bye!

In Prague and Vienna I think I could have tricked a few people if I said I was from there. They speak English better than I do, so that’s a non- issue.

I had my favorite little guidebook and led us to our first traditional meal, with some beer of course. Success.


Pork and dumplings!


First meal, a la two cats

First meal, a la two cats

Astronomical clock

Astronomical clock

market in the center, full of crepes, meat, mulled wine etc.

market in the center, full of crepes, meat, mulled wine etc.


View from our Hostel. Hostel Orange.


National Museum. Closed until 2016.

IMG_3783 IMG_3786 IMG_3789 IMG_3808



By the Jewish synagogue and cemetery.



Up by the palace area

Up by the palace area


what a view

what a view

Aside from the guidebook leading us to all sorts of delights and sights my dad gave me a tip he read back in an issue of the Times about cool things to do in Prague. He said to walk up a hill on the other side of the river and go to a monastery, and have a beer. I’m not a beer lover, but when in Prague. It was actually really great and I think the reason I’m not a beer lover is because I usually drink beer that’s cheap and icky. But I’m still going to stick with wine while I’m here in La Rioja.

found it!

found it!

IMG_3824 IMG_3837


ALMOST my name


Dancing house. Me as a house.


Not really advertised or included in any tours surprisingly….but worth a walk to for those colors.


A cool looking house In the ex-Jewish neighborhood that is now the exclusively high end shops neighborhood. Actually all of Prague is totally high end classy and luxurious. It seems like if you live there you either drive a BMW, Porsche, Ferrari etc….Not one average car to be seen for miles.

IMG_3770 IMG_3797 IMG_3810 IMG_3841

 A cafe my guidebook mentioned. It mentioned $$$$......all class and elegance

A cafe my guidebook mentioned. It mentioned $$$$……all class and elegance. Too much for us to blow on a coffee.

Another thing I was looking forward to on this trip was eating a kolacky (kol-atch-kee), like my grandma used to make. It’s a yummy cookie pastry that has either cheese, apricot, poppy seed, or other filling. I was more or less on the look out for it wherever we went to eat but didn’t see it anywhere. I thought maybe I was wrong about the culture and that they were really a Norwegian thing. Prague really had me doubting myself UNTIL one night we couldn’t pull it together to eat dinner at a normal time. We are all so full on Spanish at this point that dinner before 9pm seems crazy. Well that’s not how they do it in Prague, so everything was closing or almost closed. We ended up at the mall with the intention of eating apple strudel for dinner. Fail.

So we got some terrible mall cake. (Mall cake = you’re in a mall and there is a random kiosk with delicious looking cakes that are overpriced and dry). We were so disappointed we had to wash our regret down with something from McDonald’s, and low and behold Kolacky’s. 50 cents each. I could have died. I thought I would somehow bring shame on my family, or pride; but either way I was buying two. Cheese and poppy seed. The moral of the story is McDonald’s will never let you down. They were delicious.


pretending it's nice out

pretending it’s nice out

The reality of the weather

The reality of the weather

Prague doesn’t seem to get the same kind of attention as say Rome, London, Paris, Madrid…the cities they put in songs, on clothing etc. but it really should. It’s safe, it’s gorgeous, it has excellent food and variety as well. The people are as attractive as the buildings, and BEER.

It was nice to connect with my roots and achieve a travel dream with my friends. I hope I can go back when it’s warmer one day with the Griswold’s (The Campbell’s) hahaha.


The final leg of the trip was Vienna, and yes I did a Waltz.


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