When in Wien, Waltz! Vienna

Semana Santa was back in a colder time I know, and now it’s June. But wait- it’s still cold!

No te quites el sayo hasta el cuarenta de mayo

If you have envy of me for being in “sunny Spain” then stop because it has done nothing but be rainy and cool and I’ve had no need for any of the dresses, skirts, or t-shirts that I brought. They have been sitting like lumps waiting to be taken out and I fear they’ll go write back into my suitcase unworn.

I’ve been saying goodbye so much lately that I haven’t had time to document the final leg of one incredible week that happened back in April.

Shcnitzel, Mozart, waltzing, green spaces, friendly people. A place you could live. A place where everyone seems to be going on a run, but there are also fancy cakes, coffees and strudels to be eaten.

The whole trip began with a shcnitzel at figlmueller. There are two locations right off the main Stephensplatz of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.


The shcnitzels are giant, so even if you have the appetite of a medium sized bear, you could handle sharing one. And a salad to make you feel slightly better.



In front of the Opera house

In front of the Opera house



IMG_3889 IMG_3890 IMG_3892 IMG_3893

Crying potatos



Lots of cool record shops around.

IMG_3896 IMG_3901 IMG_3905

Flea market experience on Sunday

Flea market experience on Sunday. 


IMG_3910 IMG_3911


Fancy cake.


A chocolate that will make you sing! Figaro Figaro!


In front of Parliament. With Athena.

IMG_3913 IMG_3919

In the University library, filled with young minds getting an education at a normal, reasonable price.

IMG_3922 IMG_3923

Near the EU building. teehee


An old old church.

IMG_3926A golden Johann Strauss.

Shonbrunn Palace

IMG_3933 IMG_3934

Me feeling palatial. My kingdom in the background.

IMG_3935 IMG_3936 IMG_3937



Apple strudel

Apple strudel


The cake face off of Sachertorte vs. Apple Strudel.

We were let down big time in Prague not finding Apple strudel and it was okay that we waited until Vienna because it was on point.  We heard mixed reviews on the sachertorte. Some people said “eh” others said “amazing” and some even said “not worth the hype.”

Well we got to the airport and had some time and so we figured, how bad could it be if we all split a piece….with cream. I say “yes!”

It was the finale to the trip and if I ever went back to Vienna I would eat it again and I’d tell other people to give it a shot at least. I’m a lover of all things sweet so maybe I’m not the fairest judge, but really if you don’t like chocolate cake then you have no business in my life, or travelling to a city like Vienna.

My own personal “challenge” for the trip was to do a waltz, so on the final morning our couch-surfing host cleared out a space, and invited me to a waltz. Trip complete.


Now that I’m all finished up at my high school here in Logrono I’ll have my mornings free to keep you up to date on these past months and final days that I have in Spain.

I made it back to San Sebastian recently after 4 years, and finally went to Santander. Both lovely coastal gems.

This week I’m preparing for my own “camino de Santiago” that involves no walking or hardship but rather a car, perhaps one night of semi hardship camping on an Island, and then hotels.

More on that later.



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  1. Very surprise to your post regarding to the information about Vienna. Do you have any idea how i can buy the Figaro chocolate? Do you know the shop name? Thx in advance. I probably will go to Wien early December.

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