Is any travel item a necessity?

My feet are really numb right now because I thought I would just perch on my storage cube for a moment and send some e-mails and check my Facebook, but then I remembered that I wanted to book a hotel for Valladolid which made me think of my trip and how tranquilo I have been about it all. I was never not tranquilo if you know me or noticed any initial posts where I was all “I don’t have a place to live in Spain, but I think it will work out…”

Or most recently “None of the other school’s in the network need Spanish teachers so…no pressure” but worrying doesn’t do any good in those situations. I worry I guess, but not about packing or travelling or work. I worry about having snacks and meals EXACTLY when I want them. Not that I’m deeply into former lives, but in a former life I might have been in poverty?


So in preparing my bags, first and foremost for a week in Wisconsin, and then eventually (hem hem, one day before?) for Spain, I’m not really sure what items would mean death to my trip if I didn’t have them; besides the obvious ones like money and my passport. And snacks.

So It’s actually getting dark out and I don’t have any feeling in my feet, and while I have yet to pack, I think the less I over analyze the weather patterns of northern Wisconsin, the simpler it will be. Plus as you will hopefully see from an upcoming post-Wisconsin blog, it’s really not a place where judgement should occur. I might get some looks for the blue hue on my head, but I will be too busy breaking in the shoes I will be wearing on the Camino de Santiago that are the dorkiest things to happen to me since the first twenty or so years of my life.



In the end, I guess my answer to the question is that it is necessary to not be afraid of unknown things, or forgotten underwear, or irregular meal times. The upcoming camino freaks me out, but I don’t want that to make my blisters any bigger.


un beso




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