No type

I was going to write this mushy I’m “back” post, but then I realized I didn’t really have anything worthwhile to share in terms of how I have evolved right now. I think i’m still in the process because this year is UNBELIEVABLY not over yet.

Customized Handwritten SHUT UP COFFEE Mug with by AnchoredByJ I actually need this when words just don’t do the trick. 

I can tell you one thing that I have learned  recently from a rap song, because those are always full of moral and virtue and the path to happiness.

I ain’t got no type.

Salons, peanut butters, wine, snacks, exercise, coffee shops etc.

I learned this because being on spring break I have had a lot of me time to catch up on all of those things that regular people do more regularly, like get haircuts and go to the gym. I have been spreading out all of this pampering so that I have one fun thing each day.

I think one of the last things I posted was about having blue hair, and for those that have seen me lately know that I went red. It has been super fun, but I was warned  on the day that I got it done that it required maintenance so I kind of whispered fuck because that is the exact opposite of what I need from my hair. Anyways, I went with it and have lasted a whole 8 weeks which is like the appropriate time to go back to the salon- wow.

Day 1- geekin

Day 1- geekin



My students have been fans and a lot of people thought it was my natural color despite the fact that my eyebrows remained blonde and…I have always been blonde. Speaking of eyebrows, It will take some minutes off of my routine to not have to color them in so that I don’t look like a faceless weirdo.

In my quest to go back to low maintenance I scheduled an appointment at the same place where I went red, which was different from my usual new haircut place because they didn’t answer when I called. Ain’t got no type continues because the highlights place didn’t have time for a cut also so I was like ‘meh’ I can probably keep having an overgrown lion’s mane until next pay day. Then I reconsidered because spring break is the moment to do ALL appointments.

My pet peeve’s in quote form from hair stylists:  “Wow you have A LOT OF HAIR” “Yeah….when did you last come in???” “Your hair is frizzy” “Your hair is dry.”

Well that’s why I’m here betch.

Today I’m just going to roll in and be like do what you need to do to get me on the path back to blonde because I’m not sure what that is anymore what with all these new style terms. Balayage? (spelling? pronunciation?) Ombre, partial, double treatment, full, highlight, venti one pump almond milk no sugar with one ice cube. Like ???

It also brings to mind these new vocabulary words that I feel like pinterest invented such as “chambray”- you mean  a DENIM SHIRT? Or “chevron”- Charlie brown style stripes? Do you think  Charlie Brown was like, let me put on my chevron top?

Ocean Front Property Dress $38.99 #SouthernFriedChics... One day I will wear thisCharlie Brown (Peanuts) = INFP << Apparently Charles M. Schulz (whose work I adore) was an INFP, so it makes sense that Charlie be one too. =P

In one hour I will find out my fate and I’m going to try and bring some school work to take some of the pain of Monday away, however knowing myself an US weekly with Bruce Jenner as a woman on the cover will likely win.



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