Doing good by doing nothing

“You need to breath through your nose to get the Nitrous.”

Well, as it turns out all of this is happening precisely because I can’t really do that. But when it comes down to sucking up some drugs to not feel pain, I’ll give it my best shot.

The first tooth comes out and the surgeon literally says “WOW”

I think it was in there good and deep. Now it’s just a hole for my mashed potatoes and smoothies to slide in and out of.

What got me through the whole ordeal was the fact that I am in the year 2015 and laughing gas and other such numbing and potent drugs are available, so I got over the minimal discomfort real quick. Honestly the only time I shed a tear- actually started sobbing- was when I got the bill at the end.  Insurance help me please! xoxoxoxoxo

Another thing that helped me through was the occasional assurance that I was ‘doing great.’ Doing nothing at all.

Luckily before all of this happened, I got to spend a little quality time with the one and only little honey bunches of love Walter! Seeing his face through snap chat really helped me through the pain of not being able to eat for 3 whole hours while I had gauze in my mouth and was drooling blood.

walter eyes walter nugget walter

I know these kinds of procedures might cause one to lose their appetite, or sleep for so long they forget about food for a bit, or EVEN be inspired to go on a juice cleanse because of all the dietary restrictions. However,  moments after recovering from the sticker shock I was pretty hungry. You want what you can’t have right? A smoothie didn’t quite do the trick. Ideally some cheese cake slices will go down real easy and i’ll just float off into a squishy white dreamland.

yummy recipe

The recipe of my dreams above in either People or Usweekly. Very legit sources and news. I’m sure Scott will be sober by the time I put on my dream fall coat.

The best (season) is yet to come.

red coat fall coat fall outfit ………..and then I”ll stand on a bridge and drink a $5 dollar latte. ahhhh



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