Quick reflections

I was flipping back through my journal (the sloppily hand written one), and I stopped on my birthday because I had reflected briefly on what my 27th year of life was like. Besides the fact that my co-workers can all jokingly look back on my first year and remember that I was on suicide watch…Well, I can only do my crazy laugh along with that one because some days I still feel like I should be on it.  But I did survive my first year of teaching. Now I’m in my second and sometimes I’m not sure if I’m getting worse or the stakes are higher.

27 also marked my first city apartment in Pilsen. What a big city slicker I was for a whole year. After the break in, the face stabbing and the shooting, I decided to step out of the gentrification process and into my next big girl phase of moving in with my boyfriend.

Living with a boy (that I like) has taught me even more about myself post-Spain. It also made me wonder how people get married without having lived together. There’s a lot of little things that you must know that don’t come up in conversation. Usually. Also I’m not saying we are getting married just to clarify.

I also became a semi-dog owner via Nate. Little Mija is such a naughty and joyful creature. Naughty one second and curled up in my lap the next. On the couch. She is not allowed on the couch. Darn!

See, one moment calm and cozy, and the next she is a blur.


I also did a lot of cool things when I turned 28 but I know less about that age to reflect on it. I got to go to two hawks games and they won both, I’m becoming a way better cook all the time, and I’m less fearful about the future because it’s coming either way.

That last piece only occurred to me very recently after my grandma died. Then by chance the New York Times published an article about older people (85 +) and their wisdom. Older really is wiser and there are studies and science to prove it. She would probably advise me to go out there and have more fun. I think most people would. But here I am trying.

Although not today because I can hear the ice and wind outside. It sounds DREADFUL.  Thankful for warmth and I wish coziness to all. Happy almost New Year.



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