All I can think about lately. Or ever.

I let work consume my life. I say I have balance. I’ll do balance-y things like workout once a month or have a glass of wine with my dinner. But really I have no balance. To the outside world I’m just your basic Spanish teacher with summers off and everything,  but there are so many days after school (and during) where I think about jobs that don’t bring their work home with them. Like why was I just jealous of my checkout girl at Target? Probably because she’ll never have to see me or my random combo of yogurt, sweater, bath mat, pencils and candy purchase ever again. Or hardly ever again. And it’s not like I yelled at her or refused to pay. No matter how long or little I spend on a lesson does not determine the outcome of it. Sometimes everyone has off days. I’m talking about students here too. But a champion teacher has champion students so they shouldn’t feel tired or uninterested. I’m bringing the material to life! The moral of the story is the words below.


I have this  little extra day I guess for MLK and I’m excited because I’m doing laundry tonight. Also tomorrow I  fully intend on working out because I have my inspirational gym bag. Just cut out the word pizza and add brunch because that is what i’m really going to be doing and then just think…uhhgggg #basic. #sobasic.



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