Month: June 2016

Anxiety trending

Off the shoulder tops are IN right now. Dresses  too. At first I thought, ehh…not sure if I want to  commit to jumping  on that bandwagon, and then I caved and tried a few on. Here is a rough recollection of my thoughts.

“Ew, gross, yikes, are you wearing a fitted sheet? Are you inside of a giant pillow case AND a homeless person?”  It happened at Target and later at  Banana Republic. To clarify, I still love those stores.

When I went to go hang the dress back up in the reject area, the lady was like

“Oh, was it the wrong size, those are so popular?!”

“No, it just looked really bad on me” – Dead pan

“Oh, really? But it’s so popular?!” – really really really confused.

For All Things Lovely: Army Green Ruffles: Pastel Blue Stripes Off-shoulder Top with Bowknot by threadsforthomasblog:  Arms at your side all day?

I don’t think  I’m alone when I say this, but some trends are not for everyone. Can we all just get a visual here and imagine leather leggings looking fabulous on all body types? And while we’re at it, during all seasons? The correct answer is no. Have whatever body type you want; seriously; but I am fully aware that shorts look bad on me and so do off the shoulder sack dresses.

In other news I started following Miley Cyrus on Instagram  because I thought it could be highly entertaining. Then I read one of her crazy ass captions and it actually made sense to me. I think I also did a lot of high level analysis (#teacherlife?), but my takeaway was that life is too short to worry about really insignificant things like the wrong haircut, pimples, and rude idiots that somehow have a drivers license and a job. You might be thinking, duh, people say that all the time and have been writing  poems and books about it  for years, so why now?  Why Miley?  I really don’t know the answer to that apart from timing. I think we can all agree that in life, timing is everything. Not sure where that puts me in terms of being late to almost everything, but the timing of reading that quote coincides with where I’m at in life and the fact that I have anxiety over very small  things.


My insecurities reached  new  peaks this year with having braces- for the 3rd time?-yipes. I used to love going out. In college I went out a little too much. In Spain- #omg. Sure enough I settled down- bit by bit-  and came to really appreciate nights in. Right at the point of my life where going out should be the best most fun thing ever and I have literally nothing holding me back, it actually really sucks and I just don’t do it. The only reason anyone approaches me is to ask how long I’ve had my braces on. That’s my cue to leave.


Lately I have been attempting to give myself pep talks and reading inspirational blogs, articles, quotes etc. It’s sort of working but…mostly not. Shout out to my mom for sharing this funny yet meaningful article. Life is short

Here is one of my favorite tid-bits.

“Back in the day, before America took up child worship and children were cosseted and counseled and therapized and bestowed with every known comfort, it was the keen desire of every young person to become older. When I was 9, I longed to be 15. At 15, I wanted to be 21.” 

For the past year I have put turning 30 on a pedestal. I’m just waiting to be on the other side of this surgery to not be in this icky life limbo.

nice quote

Agree to disagree. I get what Mark is saying, and I think it’s true in some cases. I’m just thankful to all of my friends and family that have constantly supported me  and hung out with me through all of my awkward years.

About to get back into the city swing of things after a great couple of days in Wisconsin.  The new cabin was awesome and Mr. and Mrs. Tick shared their love for the loons, the eagle, the weeds and  the yolo yak.


I don’t have the right words for it now, but I am Just really happy that school is out and I can have some much deserved rest and relaxation. A week ago I was counting down the minutes… and the paperclips…till the end. Now I’m off to walk my sleep study suitcase over to the doc to find  out if I can classify myself as an overweight male. Maybe I’ll get a raise?! More respect on the phone? A girl can dream.

paperclip necklace