Gifted and special

Day 11 post op! Made it through the wire! Cue the Kanye Through the wire

Even though the main event of today was me watching Inside Out, crying and then feeling sore, it was a great day. I’m on the advanced track to recovery.

I had an appointment with my orthodontist because he wanted to make sure I didn’t jostle anything too much with my puke last week. He called my face “pudgy” but said I was healing very nicely- and some people are much puffier. Gifted.

He also leaned me back in the chair, a snip here and a snip there, and then my jaw flew open. Not really but it felt like it was going to fall back into my neck and then stay there forever. Then he smushed my face, which is mainly numb so whatever, and showed me how to put my rubber bands in to keep the ole jaw in place until further notice. The green light on soft foods was all I cared about.

Just the other day I cried because my soup was too thick. Here everyone was thinking of me living the dream and having milk shakes, but no! It’s not a milkshake if it’s just sweet watery milk.

“Boost for breakfast, Ensure for dessert” -Kanye. It’s so weird that I can totally relate to him now.

Anyways, it’s my big chance to actually slurp things back  (aka delicately press inside) like mashed potatoes and yogurt. I had to do a little magic bullet action to my mac and cheese as well because my Annie’s bee hive shapes weren’t gliding in so easily. Thick creamy yogurt with a baby spoon was a huge step. A moon landing. And I watched myself in the mirror the whole time, freaking out and surely grossing out anyone watching. (Just my parents).

It was my big chance to talk as well. Rubber bands = silence. No bands = chat and move around lips and mouth in weird formations so that they wake up. It is not as fun as it sounds-yet.  Here is a little visual journey of some of my progress. The first picture where I clearly look bruised and beaten was day 5…my first “normal” feeling day. The final pictures are from today (blue dress).

Tuesday will mark another very exciting event for me- Dr. Reid potentially (ideally) pulling a nose sized booger out of my left nostril so that I can breathe on both sides. The splint will also come out so that talking will involve less lisping. Even though I’m clearly gifted and advanced and doing well thanks to all of my healthy eating choices (avocado, banana, honey, milk), it’s still recommended that I take the first week of school off since my job requires quite a bit of talking and energy. Teachers- lazy bums!



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