Past, present, future

I actually have come to enjoy the Facebook memory application (thing?). It sickens me sometimes to see how much fun I was having just 3 or 4 years ago, but then it’s also a good reminder that I have not always been SO low key. I feel like I probably stay in more than an Olympic athlete in training, and I will definitely not be  in the Olympics ever unless they create a witty remarks event about the people competing.

5 years ago today I only had one memory.  I wrote “visa appt tomorrow:wish me luck” OMG, little me hadn’t even been to Spain yet 5 years ago!  Now that chunk of time is a huge part of my life.

I  think I should have more memories, but that may just be a critique of Facebook. I was pretty sure that I got braces exactly one year ago, but maybe I was too nervous to post the photo? Anyways, now you can see  that there are all kinds of flawless post surgery photos of me on this blog so that means I’m actually maturing into the person that doesn’t care what others think-hallelujah. Side note- it’s helpful that I’m  not a celebrity and that only 100 people max have ever looked at this blog.

This photo sequence is approximately week 2 into week 3. I really have been terrible at keeping track of days despite how much free time  I have; which by the way is almost all of the time- don’t be jelly!

All right,  now you can be jelly! Maybe that makes it look like I’m a pro at eating but it’s  really not a pretty sight. Sure I CAN eat most squishy things, but doing it out of the comfort of my own home still makes me uneasy. I’m never quite sure (unless I have a mirror) how much ends up on my chin, which is still the part  of my face I really can’t feel…at all. Most other parts are kind of numb like after wisdom teeth, or other tooth extraction, but my chin is on another planet. A small percentage of people have it happen where the feeling never comes back to some parts, or it’s kind of just ‘tingly.’ I feel like my chin is something I’d be okay with not feeling…never  really noticed it before aside from  all the zits I get there (still happens).

Hoping you agree with me, but I think I am kind of looking like a regular person these days, which has it’s pros and cons. The pro is looking regular. The con is that other people out in the world think that I am regular and ask me basic questions that I can’t answer. That dress photo was the day I told the store attendant my name was Emma and she was like “Okay Monica, let me know  if you need anything.” I quickly left.

Another great example happened yesterday when I went on a (HOT) stroll to Whole Foods. What do you know, a woman in some kind of traditional African garb asks me where Best Buy is. Lucky for me it’s straight ahead and you can see the little yellow tag sign. So I mumble and point and her takeaway was “YELLOW?” So I gesture again and say, forget the yellow part, it’s right there. She politely says thank you and 5 minutes later I see her ask someone else. WTF- I know I was hard to understand but It was RIGHT THERE.  Then by some miracle another woman with a thick accent asks me where something is. Lucky for me again, she has the directions up on her phone and I know the street she is looking for, so I sucked back my drool and did some more  pointing and we made it through.

The other major thing I noted that makes me feel bad are all those poor unfortunate  youth that have a cause. They believe in the environment, LGBQT (RSLMNOP?), Women’s rights, health, etc. So they ask do you have a minute? Some earnest and eager,  and others with a tinge of regret that they cared in the first place. Well, I’ve never had more minutes and less money, but either way I can’t sit around on this hot weirdly homeless street corner and listen to you tell me all of the things that are so blatantly wrong with the world. Mainly because I know and I still don’t want  to give you $20 a month, $25 for a tote bag and a photo of a puppy. Some people are real jerks though. Like you are allowed to speak to them and say “No, sorry!  business call” and urgently reach for your phone. Or “I believe in your cause but I am also poor, good luck!” Yesterday I witnessed this total douche-lord brush past this girl who asked if he had a minute, and she was like uggghhhh have a nice day! I tried to make eye contact and be like omg, douche-y right? But I remembered I was about to do the same thing.

So the photo on the left is exactly 1 year ago the day that I got braces. The photo on the right is from last night. Obviously you can’t see my teeth because I can’t smile that widely but I’d say that is the biggest difference. My bite is so clearly (to me) over and off center a year ago.  Now my mid-line is on POINT!

Also good to remember how far I’ve come. Day 5 versus day 24?! Much more interesting to see that contrast than the day to day.

I’ll likely try and show some more contrasting photos as the days go by. I’m  almost  coming up to a month and after that people say they almost forget they even had surgery.



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