#transormationtuesday (one day off)

Pardon my tardiness to the party of this trendy hashtag. I think  it’s a common thing with weight loss…health/wellness…etc. I’m doing it in regards to the ole’ jaw.

I’m week 12 post op as of two days ago, so that’s incredible.  It represents a large chunk of time, but in the grand scheme of things a very little chunk of time for total healing.  #numblowerlip:(

I think  I mentioned the fact that I didn’t have any  good “before” pictures- meaning  ones that really showed how snaggle tooth I was. And why would I really?  Well, to  honor my progress  more than my pride, here you go.

Photos on the left side are the “before”, where at least for me and my critical eye, I can see a clear shift in my mid-line (that is now an actual mid-line and not the mid-line of someone in a Picasso painting).  And also something  with my nose. Can’t put my finger on it, but it’s different. Wider maybe? I realize these are still not perfect side by sides, and in some cases I look more bogus in the after picture, but  that’s what I have and I’m just excited to share that I finally see real transformation in my face. Also not photographed is the fact that both nostrils are in full use.




Also new and exciting is the fact that we did not go on strike, and I will be braces free in 4-6 months.

And finally, one  of my most cherished teacher moments yet. My students think I’m a strict grader- aka I stopped giving absolute trash decent grades because I was just happy they did it instead of actually doing it well. #transformationtuesday



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