Month: December 2016

Week 19 update- aka about 4 months

When people have children it seems they become the type of people to say “My child is 900 weeks old”

And childless people are left calculating exactly what the heck that means in terms of the way everyone else measures their age-years. So is he…3?

I started thinking about it because my sister has announced to the “world” that she is expecting a little baby boy! img_20161119_134501

I was “team girl” but in terms of the money that will be left in my bank account after not buying all of the adorable bite sized girl outfits, I have rejoiced with “team boy.”


Looks like our very own prince Walter will have to start being a little nicer to his tia loca if he wants the amount of love and attention he is used to. I pretend like I will reject him, but he is irresistible. Just look at this cozy photo of us watching the Thanksgiving Day parade!

And in other news I finally have some photos to update. I tried to get some where I am actually wearing makeup or at least looking publicly acceptable.

The photo on the left is probably from around week 6 or 7….and the photo on the right is from last week. The big difference is it is getting easier to smile with my lips closed without fully being able to feel them…and I also have 3 pounds of Sephora makeup on in the right side photo.


Below on the left is a photo from before surgery and before braces, and on the right is a photo that I took today and filtered the shit out of so that I looked soft and glow-y.

Something interesting that Dr. Reid told me regarding facial recognition is that if you think that I look the same, it is because you recognize me more by my eyes/ nose. That is the area of the face that you really look at, more so than the chin. I have come to this conclusion more than a handful of times on here, and I totally understand that I “look the same” but, I like to also recognize the fact that I am not the same…and actually don’t feel that I look the same as before. I know this because it is my face and not just a photo of it.

And I’ll leave you with a nice little brace face photo memory. On the left is the day that I got my braces on, and on the right was taken about a week ago in the RUSH bathroom. #photoshoot

Also I will be moving in less than a month! Where to?! Well, let’s just say I should probably buy a couple of beanies.