Classic February

I bought a candle at Target today after school called “classic” which is a blend of mahogany, tangerine and vanilla. I guess I could find a way to interpret that as being “me” ….woodsy, less common but just as flavorful orange, too nice? Ehhh, better not. Smells decent though. Also, did I go to Target to buy a candle? Of course not

This has been anything but a classic February for me. Living alone is just a breeze and a dream. Time in that sense is whizzing by. It’s already been two months which feels like a lot and a little amount of months. I feel pretty settled aside from the fact that I have no mixing bowls or pans to bake things in. I just put everything in foil and then I feel like a jazzy mom in a foil commercial that is like “All right gang, no clean up!” but then the camera goes off and there are still like 900 other dishes that were somehow used to make chicken in the oven. In foil. Also mug cakes are a thing so it’s like, why change?

It’s been 7 months since my surgery now, and to absolutely sound like a broken record, I still have no feeling in my lower chin/lip area. I’m less prone to spilling but I’m super careful. It’s also not like I am/ was/ ever will be putting lipstick on on the go without a mirror. That is the person I WISH that I was but will never be.

Jetting off to a meeting in lipstick. So grown up.

Today as my students practiced the future tense I was like “quick, how old you will you be in 10 years!?” and after a little bit of math prompting (Me saying the only possible ages…24-28) I was like “wow, you’ll be like me!”

Except they were writing things like you will be married, driving a cool car, you will live in a nice house, you will eat in and out burger (big dreamers) etc… All of the things that you think will happen, and honestly do happen for most people.So yeah, everyone gets an A.

Also funny to see the boys imagining themselves as married men and looking absolutely horrified. I reminded them that they have a choice….

Below, an artifact. I got some tips to not grade things I can’t read, or hand it back and say  to do it again…but I myself have terrible…mostly illegible handwriting that my students try to take notes from. #sorry.

Other updates in my life include my trainer slowly becoming a person that I reference a lot which feels like a friend, but I’m not sure. I have conquered certain machines and exercises that I didn’t even know existed and I hope to have an actual leg muscle poke out by the spring. Ideally both legs. I don’t know if I have a leg role model, but I’m about to look one up and get back to you. My life model is John Legends wife because…

This is the first year of teaching where I not only feel like I can have an outside life- but sometimes I really have one. I workout. I get dinner with friends- DURING THE WEEK (It’s happened at least twice). I’m not constantly stressed. I should probably be more stressed out all things considered, but I’m going the no stress route for the time being. For example I’ve already hit my budget for February and there are quite a few days left. I was doing a lot of #treatyoself.

And everyone’s favorite update, my big smushy face. I thought I had/have an eyeball problem since as you will note my eye on the right side is squinty (or one half eye size smaller). I can only assume it is because I have more cheek over there. I think that’s unrelated to surgery and I just have a weird ass face, so if you are getting this surgery worried you will end up crooked, that’s literally only me.

Fun fact is that not many (or potentially 1%) of people knew that I could not breathe with my mouth closed before this whole process. Now I can really see that in the picture on the left. I can see how hard it is for me to have my mouth closed to smile. Also if you’re not me, you may not see any difference at all, which is especially fine considering that you are not me.

Also can we get a slow clap for how hilarious Alliance bakery is?


Loving the neighborhood and exploring, but also ready to take a nap until April 10th.



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