Month: May 2018

Bonne chance to me

I feel like I’m doing something wrong most of the time. I have a student this year that openly hated me, and that was awkward for a while. I came up with a project post AP Spanish test where I told the students to research another language and teach the class about it. My hater chose French and now he just comes up to me and says numbers in French 1-10 and asks me how I am –Comment allez-vous? Je vais bien! He’s even saying random things in French to people in the hall (and totally weirding them out obviously). He might still hate me, and I dare not ask for fear of ruining our French bond.

There’s always so much doubt and gloom for most of the school year. Getting observed and not asking the question your observer was hoping you’d ask. When that stress is lifted it’s really nice and sometimes even fun.


I did have and interesting opportunity on Friday to sub in a Freshman math class. What kind of math? The kind with letters and negative fractions. I’ve often lamented to myself how difficult it is to have 9-12 graders all in one classroom because of the varying abilities and prior knowledge coming to the table, but I promise I will never complain again if it stays that way. All 9th graders together felt like the worst 50 minutes of my day. At one point I said “Do you need attention? Because if you don’t I’m trying to concentrate on some work up here and you’re ruining it with your voice.” Anyways, I was your classic sub, not helpful at all.  One boy did dare ask me for help and I said, “young sir, this is a foreign language that I do not speak” and I was not saved by the bell and we had to sit there and both not know what do do for 20 more minutes.

As I look forward to my relaxing summer of not one, but hopefully two summer jobs, I just don’t feel right complaining. I think I’ve been taking it really easy for the last year when I had my whole summer of Emma that turned into year of Emma phase. This school year I took on exactly zero extra tasks. When they asked me at the end of last year if I saw myself in any leadership positions I said not really. LIKE WHAT A TERRIBLE ANSWER OMG. I would never advise anybody to say that. Luckily I wasn’t fired on the spot but I figured it was time to “step up.” I know that next year will be more challenging and busy balancing a trip abroad, a new role and probably new classes, but my resume looks sort of bogus. It doesn’t show all the blood sweat and tears that I’ve really been through, but I guess how can one really add that on? Professional responsibilities include: doing what I think is right and going home and taking care of myself.

Being single (as in not married and living alone) doesn’t seem hard at all, but it’s pricey.  Example; Comcast just called me and was asking me about shows that I watch with my family and how many devices we all use, and I was like NOTHING BUT I WOULD LIKE BRAVO FOR FREE. Then the connection was lost and he tried to call back twice but I was over it.

not soon enough

I set a reminder on my phone that said workout you little betch. I wrote this blog post instead and now I just need to buy food for next week before my big day of a one year old and a thirty year old birthday party.

Bonne chance to me indeed!