la rioja


Logrono is one of the cities that many pilgrims pass through on the Way of St. James, better known in Spanish as El Camino de Santiago. I walk past arrows and the symbolic shells every day, so I basically do it every day 🙂 A small small part of it, because it takes several months to go the entire way from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela (routes may/ can vary depending on where you believe the beginning is…?)

Over the weekend I actually did a small part of it with some friends and we had a picnic. We were inspired by the spring like weather that has come to Logrono already. Toma!

a tad windy

a tad falling down.

If the weather continues on this sunny and springy path I’m going to keep not signing up for the gym that is directly behind my apartment (not an exaggeration) and start going on more nature walks. Especially the weekends I stay in Logrono; which will be 1 more before Las Fallas in Valencia (I’m going March 16-18th), and then many after that until Semana Santa (Holy week/ Easter / “spring break” April 5-15th).

I also experienced my first Spanish rugby match and Logrones futbol match.

If you’re like me you think of football as FOOTBALL, DA BEARS, DITKA! But, alas I am talking about soccer.

Here are some sporty pics….

Spirited fans singing (strings of swear words put to a tune)

the group before the game

Our color coordinated group

Turned completely away from the game...

rockin the logrones scarves

girls not paying attention to the game, but looking cute!

Rugby! Like American Football with no rules (fact).

extremely close to the field/ semi-danger zone.

Watched some friends practice futbol, and sat on the sidelines and did this ja ja ja while taunting them of course.

After watching so many sports, you may think I am sporty. ehhhh….I played soccer in 6th grade, I play tennis on occasion (not in Spain), I recently got into golf, and I can still remember parts of cheers/ dance routines from high school. My exercise of choice is walking, and it’s the best kind I can think of living around La Rioja because there’s a lot of gorgeous areas to walk and hike.

In preparation for not participating in any sports, I went on a walk and snapped this. I live here.