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Hallo March

I bought a book of German for beginners maybe four or five years ago; I’d have to check the Amazon archives. For all of the time that I was in Spain I was certain that I would make a trip there, but It just never came to be. I came close I suppose, with a brief stay in Vienna, which I loved, but I’m still determined to make it to Deutschland. A masters degree and four years of teaching later I guess I found the energy to try again. Italian was a failed attempt for me to add another language to my resume. I really enjoyed taking the class and being a student, but I kept confusing it with Spanish.  I decided German was/ is totally different but not so different that I would want to cry like if I were to try to learn Japanese or Hungarian or…who knows what else.

German Idioms Tomaten auf den Augen haben

So here I am with my morning coffee furiously writing notes off of a YouTube video, and I suddenly came out of the fog and thought, is this really the best use of my time when I’m not totally certain what I’m teaching in AP next week? (not totally = not at all). 

As you may or may not know, I love a good quote, and a good quote can sometimes perfectly encapsulate a whole essay of feelings and spare everyone the trouble. However quotes about wasting time leads you through a dark Pinterest abyss about failed relationships and being your own queen and goddess and other such things that I’m really not into.

I realized that trying to learn another language probably isn’t really a waste of time. I might not make it to the finish line, but I’ve also watched 4 episodes of Girlfriends Guide to Divorce instead of doing (laundry, grading, cooking, cleaning, calling family and friends etc.). And those are like almost hour long episodes, so yikes. Also not relateable at all.

I guess I just got this guilty feeling because some of my colleagues are real over achievers, coaching, getting their masters degree, ESL endorsement, reading endorsement, have entire families, and more. My share out at our meeting was that I got my nails done.

Just to be clear though I really earn my money every day mostly during 2nd 3rd and 8th period. It mentally and physically wipes me out, and bless the people that do more. For me though, it’s a no. What more can I do after arguing with a kid that Fidel Castro and Tupac would not have been and never will be friends?

How To Hide Your Insanity - I need this book!!

I suppose that having my “me time” and “wasting time” and “living my best life” and doing all of those other millennial style things keep me sane. It’s hard not to feel guilty about it, but also I made a specific life choice/ choices to get me to this point, so there. For now Campbell is my baby and I get to squeeze that crazy little nugget tonight. He has more teeth now, so I just have to try to not get in the biting zone which could prove to be quite difficult given his cute factor. I think tia loca is just who I am right now, or according to google translate verrückte Tante. Tschüss!

artist: Inslee Haynes i love this drawing. Tea shop in Paris



Walter has requested that we take this Christmas morning to chill while listening to Niall Horan’s latest album. I think he’s a teenager, but since it’s a long shot I feel safe having a crush on him. walter

While it is Christmas and I wouldn’t be at school anyways, I can’t help but think that at this exact moment I would be about half way through 2nd period and probably half way through attempting to calmly tell someone to not hit anyone upside the head on their way back to their seat. Why are they out of their seat in the first place? No idea, come in, try it out, I hear teaching is really easy.

Friday night I enjoyed one of the many lifetime like selections *A Christmas boyfriend/husband/prince/date/marriage/proposal. Can’t recall which one, but obviously they were at a romantic Inn where the hot single inn keeper just hides out waiting for love.

The days are totally blending together already since ‘weekend’ has no meaning to me for the next 2 weeks, but I’ve  done some reading “for fun” and a boozy tea. It’s high tea for wild party animals such as myself.


Clearly buzzed after one pot of “champagne” tea, but wanted to highlight our Kylie Jenner lip kit lips. While I find that girl absolutely…..?! her stuff works. It stayed on through the whole tea and beyond. Probably made of paint, but whatever. Organic makeup isn’t really my cause right now.


Speaking of causes I am fortunate enough to have a family that doesn’t expect or care for material gifts. I wanted to donate this year to some charities/ scholarships/ programs that I enjoy and wanted to show my support for.

  1. The first decision was easy. I have been meaning to donate to this scholarship since Thanksgiving but #funds. As an educator and human I find so many things wrong with lack of access to college because of status or money or both. https://www.gofundme.com/solorio-201718-dream-scholarship
  2. My second cause I had to do a little more research on, but then again Donald Trump often brings to light all that is wrong with his brain so I didn’t have to look far to find the Elephant Crisis Fund. I have always loved elephants and I think for a good 10 years it was probably because in the name game when you have to say another word that starts with the same letter as your name, I would pick elephant. Fast forward through my education and I learn that elephants are intelligent creatures that scientists know quite a bit about. They raise families like we do, they mourn like we do. I would also selfishly like to safari and experience them before it’s too late. https://www.elephantcrisisfund.org/
  3. My final cause is just a podcast that I like in Spanish. I think that if I put it on while I’m making coffee in the morning my Spanish brain will wake up and get smarter through some sort of air osmosis. They do great human interests stories about a wide range of topics and Spanish speaking countries. The last one I listened to about two sisters had me in tears. It is also a branch of NPR which is super white and liberal of me to support and according to them puts me in the ‘aspirational class’ of people that do yoga, shop organic, and read.  http://radioambulante.org/

I had a few other causes in mind like the Kind campaign and planned parenthood but I’ll have to save those for another time (paycheck).

Pinterest: SebastianAlbery ←

Just so you don’t think I’m some sort of Christmas angel, I do enjoy material gifts, mainstream culture and more. However, no gift could top what my little bundle of joy Campbell got for me. Thinking about a baby going into a store with a debit card is also an image that I quite enjoy.



xoxo and felices fiestas to all!



I started doing some of my online readings for this class I’m taking called “Motivation Matters” and suddenly I decided to look at Pinterest which led me to a quiz called what kind of tattoo should you get (which I’m not even considering AT ALL).

Watercolor TattooApparently the results are based on the fact that I like beautiful, artistic and unique. So I should get a watercolor tattoo. Gross. Terrible. This all started because I wanted to do laundry and then didn’t have detergent so I’m finding the strength and money to go to the store. Not sure how it always ends up that someone with a decent job and a masters degree experiences a few day every month where their bank account is $43.72.

Turning thirty has changed many things, but not all. For example, the money thing is exactly like college. The going out part is the exact opposite, and now I look for reasons to not go out. I’m glad that I don’t have a child, but it sure would be a great scapegoat to not attend certain events. I am beyond content just being an aunt, and I love seeing Campbell every chance that I get.

It will be better when he can take care of his own poop and food though.

campbell-6 months

I only feel thirty if someone asks me how old I am and I have to say out loud “I’m thirty.” That conversation doesn’t come up a lot, or it hasn’t yet. I would prefer if it didn’t. I think I look young, feel young,  and act young (do dumb stuff all the time, can’t even get into it).

bulls game

There I am at the bulls game realizing that all of these ballers that have established lives and more money than I will ever know, are literally an entire decade younger than me.

While I behaved the weekend of my actual birthday, the weekend before I spent Sunday accomplishing nothing until 4pm when I went to the gym and sweated out tequila shots. So fine, I went to the gym. That’s the big 3-0 I guess.

My dear friend Maia gave me some pretty yellow flowers and I don’t own a vase. So I used the bottle of rose that we just drank. At what point in your life (or age) do you realize that you should have a vase? Is everyone else getting flowers with such frequency that they go to the store and think, better get a vase. How do I get to that level?

No complaints though. I got to have one of the best meals of my life, see my family and friends and wear a low cut super short velvet dress. Thirty.

I also get to kick off my Thanksgiving break with the anxiety of having my formal observation next week. Every year I try to go into it knowing that I’m doing a good job so it doesn’t matter that I can’t control what 28 teenagers may do or say in that 50 minute period…but that’s “my job” I guess. Don’t make robots, but also sort of make robots.

GIRLBOSS QUOTE: There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing and be nothing. -Aristotle


Will probably google new jobs for a few hours now as another great use of my time.


I’m really bad at questioning. I have always felt that in a science-y way, it was best to accept the mysteries of the universe. That feeling comes from a Disney channel original movie that I saw long ago about a girl maybe being a mermaid. Unclear, but probably best for me to move forward.

This feeling to move on was most recently inspired by some street art that I zoomed past on the bus.  If you’re in Chicago and on Chicago avenue, in that confusing little triangular area where the blue line is and Big Shoulders coffee (which looks like a nice spot) you will see this…


Would it be better if it weren’t a gold toothed lizard spreading that message? For me, yes. But it really made me think. I still don’t know quite what that thought is, or what I will do with that message inside of me moving forward, but I do find it illuminating.

In other life news, I am taking a mini pause from my double life of being teacher and a beer maid so that I can attempt to be social. As an introvert in a profession where I act extroverted most of the time, I need my weekends to cool off and be away from people, yet I feel pressure to take advantage of that time to have fun, live my best life, etc.

This school year I give myself top marks for effort. I have gone out during the week at least three times, attended PD’s during the week that went late, took a weekend trip to New York and somehow taught the whole next week through, likely wearing the same pair of black pants everyday. Not to mention, working every Saturday (minus two). I’m sorry, but single people have to brag like this because the only other people that care are parents and it’s like yeah that’s nice but also my mom loves home made poorly written poems and misshapen mugs that you can’t grasp, and hold one drop of liquid. #doinggreat


Last year It was easy to convince myself that I had become a much better teacher. I’d made it to year three, growing each year with experience and reflecting upon my observers critiques and feedback. It was super easy to get a big head when I taught honors kids. You say read, and they start reading? Wildly different things are happening in regulars, and it is teaching me how to be a better teacher and how to make them better learners.  It is essential to me that they actually learn things and not just rest upon their laurels; in the process of being discovered.

Another fabulous Angela Ritchie ACE camp -- I did an ACE camp in Sweden with Camilla Engman in 2011 and it was life-changing.  Martha Rich | Be Your Own Authentic Artist | New Orleans, Louisiana | September 4-8, 2014 — ace camps

I hoarded all of their work from Quarter 1 for three reasons. One, so that they couldn’t throw it away. Two, so that they couldn’t compare their grade to the person next to them. I guess the culminating reason that I didn’t think of initially was so that they could create “portfolios” which by definition is a whole other thing that requires much more work than what I’m doing. Basically they picked two things that they were proud of or perhaps disappointed by, and then tucked them into their little barf green folder until Q2.

I asked them, what does this show you about yourself as a learner. Why did you pick the things that you did? Who were you Q1?

a lazy person

I don’t know if that will change who they are moving forward, but they were quite honest.  As an adult I have gone through a lot of life experiences and milestones, but ultimately haven’t changed, so I really don’t have any answers.

aliceI posted this on my Facebook 5 years ago today to represent that I wasn’t sure where I was going with my life or what I was doing. Now I still have a lot of questions about what happens next. I certainly didn’t see myself where I am now. That god damn cat could just give me some clues.


What I want to know about this photo is, if I’m not looking at the happy couple kissing, where am I looking and why? Blissfully unaware….

Also this entire post would lead you to believe that I exclusively wear flower crowns to special events, or even on a daily basis. If only.

it happens everyday.

Deep thoughts,




I just walked home from work, and it took me back to those feels that I had in July and August, seeing people sitting out on patios, sweat on the glass, laughing, holding hands, the good stuff. The stuff that makes me think, why did I already smash my jorts into the summer is gone bin? To make room for “professional” clothing probably…

So. School started. The first week was a blur, but then part of my car got stolen so I woke up from the haze of memorizing 130 names give or take.  It made for an interesting week but I am #blessed that a really kind colleague was able to chauffeur me around and remind me to take advantage of good Alliance coffee.

There were all of the usual hiccups that go along with remembering how to teach and use school technology and what not, but I’m trying to improve each year in remembering that work is work… but going home when it’s light out, going out to eat, working out, having friends, those are real life. Could I be working right now? Yes. Should I be? Actually, also yes, but that’s a bad example.

Aside from having no car, and then getting a rental that was actually meant for an NFL player and his family, there were other low points in my week that somehow my friends resolved instantly. They truly came to my rescue with a phone call, a text, a “want to go to riot fest Sunday even though it’s not the best idea?” and immediately after that a “want to go to New York this random weekend” and the ever popular, “want to drink all of this wine?”

YES. YES. YES. What am I even doing if I’m not taking advantage of this moment in my life… besides working and then ultimately getting criticized and having nothing go as planned?  Might as well just load up on the espresso.

Believe it or not, a lot of babies come to the brewery. It’s cute and their families are cute, and I like babies now that I know one (Campbell- hey!) But I also think about how they have to go home and keep hanging out with their baby nonstop for the rest of their lives. No babies here. No dogs, not even a plant needs anything from me. Not even a cactus, because those have died under my care.

Maybe my moment is way longer than I think, and I might have the rest of my life to “do me” but just in case, I’m doing it now, making up for that lost year.

If my summer of Emma was any indication, I think I can consider this second half of 29 one of my better years of life.  Unfortunately I didn’t photograph a lot of the cool fun things that I did, but they are in my memories for sure and I’m really happy about that.





xoxo from me in the future when I have a cute vespa that I can drive in heels.